Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting Organized

For years I have just stacked my wine in the cellar without any organization at all. I only have about 200 bottles so it wasn't so bad. But it was bad enough that I had trouble finding things. Well, recently I put all of my inventory into the on-line cellartracker database. What a fantastic resource that is! I was able to download labels for my entire inventory which I formatted to my liking and printed out. I placed these labels onto bottle tags so everything is readable without having to remove the bottle from the rack. I have organized the wines into categories - some regions (France) and some by varietal. Each column in my wine rack is assigned a bin letter and the inventory has all the location data for every bottle. Now, when I drink a wine, I can just keep the wine tag so I can remember to consume it from my library. Finally getting organized!


Jeff said...

Looks great! Where did you get your wine racks?

Greg said...

Hi Jeff. Thanks for commenting. I got the racks from They are the cheapest pine 180 bottle racks I could find. They do require assembly but it didn't take too long to screw them together. You should have seen what I was using before I got these. Oh boy. I'm lucky I never broke a bottle or 20.