Sunday, January 6, 2008


Let's go south of the equator again. I enjoyed this malbec from Argentina and I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you. The 2005 Silvertop Malbec can be found here in Fargo for about $10. For that price it is certainly a good value. This had a deep rich dark color. Aromas of bright red fruits greet you as you sniff it. It almost reminded me of cherry candy. In the mouth you experience dancing raspberry and cherry mingling with peat and a bit of tobacco. There were also hints of red plums. It was very fruity, almost juicy, but not in a sweet way. It was not that complex but certainly quafable.


Nora B. said...

Interesting that you wrote about that. We don't get very much Argentinian wine, the one you wrote about is certainly good valie.

The first time I had Malbec was a sparkling Australian one that I bought at a vineyard (audrey Wilkinson) in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. We had it on Christmas day and it was very refreshing, not overly sweet and it had good structure. It also had a subtle oakiness that I enjoyed. As I usually prefer red wine, I am glad that the quality of Aussie sparkling reds has been impressive. I'm very much into sparkling reds this summer.

Greg said...

Nora, very interesting. I didn't realized they were growing malbec in Australia. I'd love to try a sparkling one. Actually I've never had a sparkling red wine, only rosés. Please tell me more about sparkling reds.