Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saint Émilion

Popped open a bottle of the 2005 Christian Moueix Saint Émilion tonight. This one is made from 85% merlot and 15% cabernet franc. I liked it very much even if it was a little bit light. It had a nice medium purple red color that you could easily see through, so it was obvious this would not be a heavy wine. On the nose I was presented with subtle ripe cherries and aromas of sweet tart candy. Very interesting to say the least. On the palate, however, there was nothing fruit or sweet about it. It was oh so vegetative. I enjoy that. It had a medium body, solid acidity and smooth tannins. Red fruits came across so very subtly however it was the roasted beets, cooked carrots and tomato sauce that dominated the flavors. It was a little bit chalky and a tiny bit disjointed on the finish but overall it was a nice Bordeaux red. I bought it for $14 on sale which was an ok price. I don't think I'd pay the $30 or so full price for it.

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Kevin said...

Saint Emilion, if I'm correct, is on the left bank, mostly merlot grapes for Bordeauxs. I used to like bordeauxs, but they seemed to earthy for me. Still, I may have to try this wine you drank. I'm really hooked on Zins right now, but want to re-discover what I liked about French wines.
By the way, thanks for the running compliment.